Merchant Account Sample Analysis

*The Effective Discount Rate is calculated by dividing your total end of month fees by your total sales. Greater savings will accrue with higher sales volume.

Savings Summary:

Effective Discount Rate (EDR) – 1.23%
Monthly $ 124.55
Annually $ 1494.63

Let us analyze your credit card processing statement! There’s no way around fees, but let us see how much we can reduce them. Fax over your statement today. Fax # is 203-488-1578.

Paul DeLaurentis, Owner


You pay 3 rates when you process credit cards.

  1. Qualified is rate quoted to you, personal cards.
  2. Mid Qualified is keyed in sales.
  3. Non Qualified rate is business card or a fully downgraded sale for some reason.

The Mid Qual and Non Qualified rates are surcharges you pay for these card types , rewards, etc. In most cases your Mid And Non Qualified rates are more important than your Qualified rate, and this is where we often find significant savings for your business! Of course your Qualified rate is lowered in most cases also.


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